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Marathopolis, Messinia

Golden Sand Apartments

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    Maisonnettes, Apartments

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    58€ April-May

    80€ June-August

    58€ September-October


    4 maisonnettes


    20 guests


    Beachfront estate








    Free Wi-Fi

  • A/C





    Swimming pool 7,0 x 13,0m

    Washing machine and dryer

    Ping-pong table

    Basketball court




  • PETS



Airy, pretty and fully equipped maisonettes situated sumptously on a breathtaking beachfront estate adorned with citrus, fig and olive trees and age-old pine trees, which offer an opportunity for relaxing and for carefree and economic holidays as a couple and as a family.


The complex consists of 4 identical 2-level maisonettes of total size of 45 square meters. Each can accommodate 5 guests (comfortable for 4 adults and one child with an extra foldaway bed).

On the ground level there is a large living room area with a sofa and an LCD TV, just 5 steps below in a semi basement area there is an open kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped with plates, pots, utensils etc. and has an electric hob and oven, toaster and a refrigerator with freezer so you can dine at the premises. The bathroom has a shower. On the second level there is a large high-ceiling bedroom with two single beds and spacious closets which has its own terrace with a view of the sea, the swimming pool and luscious pine trees. The bedroom has two large windows and a glass door leading to the terrace so the bedroom can be filled with sunshine.Moreover, there are individually controlled air conditioners for both levels.

The entrance to the apartment is placed on a shaded veranda area which is only a step from the large 7m x 13m swimming pool. The apartments are very safe and have double glazed windows and metal doors.

On this verdant estate you can also find a basketball court and a very spacious common kitchen area completed with with a traditional oven and a barbecue pit.


Golden Sand Apartments are located in a seaside rural area close to villages of Tragana and Gialova and towns of Gargalianoi (13km) and Pylos (at 17km), in Western Messinia in Peloponnese. The propriety is surrounded by olive groves and pine forests and is situated literally on a beachfront. And what a wonderful beach this is! A long sandy beach which extends for 3 kilometers, a part of an unspoiled scenery and a home to sea carretta-carretta turtles. The sand is beautiful and the sea is crystal clear and with depth great for swimming. It is almost unbelievable!

This Golden Sand (Chrisi Akti) beach, which is commonly called by the locals as MatiorRikia, is deserted for most of the year, from September till June. On one end of the beach there the Costa Navarino Resort and at the other end a nicely designed beach bar. Still, even during the high season, this very long beach is never crowded.

The closest settlement is the fishing village of Marathopolis at 10km north and Gialova holiday village at 10 km south. Marathopolis remains vibrant throughout the seasons with its taverns, cafes and bars located charmingly on a pedestrian walk along the sea and it is well supplied with mini markets, grocery stores, souvenir shops, delivery services, beauty parlors and a pharmacy. Gialova operates during warmer months from April till October and it has fine dining, international food restaurants an great Greek taverns, bars, coffee places, supermarkets and souvenir shops.

Besides theGolden Sand beach there are also other glorious beaches close by: long and sandy, rocky and pebble; all very beautiful and clean. In a radius of 30 km important historical sites can be discovered such as the astonishing site of the ancient city of Messini, the temple of Apollo Epikourios, the Museum of Chora with the findings from the Nestor's palace, the castles of Kyparissia, Pylos, Methoni and Koroni as well as many sites of astounding natural beauty such as Gialova Lagoon, Neda river with waterfalls, Polilimnio with multiple waterfalls and mountain pools, the island of Proti and Voidokilia which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


the apartments: The kitchen with enviable cookware that has served us perfectly cooked for that, since we like cooking, even on vacation! fully equipped residences gives you the ability to pass economic and carefree blown holiday as a couple and as a family

the location: it's a dream come true for those seaking tranquility, complete absence of artificial noise, taken in isolation, contact with nature and tranquility with idyllic views and the waves with cicadas creating music which accompanies you throughout the duration of your stay.

guests' comments:

"It really is a paradise ideal for relaxation and tranquility!"

"The only negative is the slightly difficult access because of the dirt road (rural) through the endless olive tree groves olives."

"Intimate and comfortable environment which feels like staying in your own house."

"It is so quiet and relaxing, words can not describe."

"The wifi signal was not great even in the public sector, but we have 3G internet connection was not a problem for email and messaging applications. It would be good to have a faster connection so the kids can watch movies"

"Hard to find without instructions, isolated and at a distance from the main road. However this slight difficulty turns out to be an advantage as you get almost private use of the beach with great sand a few meters ahead."

"It was but a private beach during our stay and never saw that 20 to 30 people strawling on the beach, and when swimming in the sea was just us! Nobody else! I could never imagine that a private quality beach, in one of the most popular destinations in Greece".


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