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Sail and explore luminous waters, coastline and hidden forest on a pirates
Luminous cruise

Sail and explore luminous waters, coastline and hidden forest on a pirates' island and beyond

cultivate your travel experience

We have named this cruise "luminous" as it is characterized by beautiful colors and clarity of the waters you will sail to. The cruise is designed in such a way as to combine leisure and activities and give "feast for the eye and the tongue". You will sail to a beautiful island cloaked in history and legends and trek through its hidden forest and then you will relax at a secluded beach. Depending on time, weather and disposition you will sail further to the Voidokilia natural harbor and beach.

One day cruise

Our meeting point is in the harbor of Marathopolis at 9:00 am. With less than a mile crossing we reach the island of Proti. We sail from the east side of the island exploring the coastline. We discover unique ancient inscriptions carved on rocks by pirates and marines. Then we disembark on the island and hike through an unexpectedly dense forest of wild olive and cedar trees, passing next to the only construction on this deserted island, the picturesque monastery of Gorgopigi and its little church. We reach one of the secluded beaches. We spend the rest of the day in swimming and snorkeling and fishing and enjoy a full and hearty picnic, cooking our catch and enjoying traditional delicacies and fruits...or we take a shorter break and sail 7 more miles to a spectacular natural harbour of Voidokilia beach and take a swim there. We return to Marathopolis at sunset.

You will sail with 2 licensed and experienced skippers who will attend to you and provide you with information about the area.

available boats:

1. Beneteau First 40.7

2. Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 40


double and single bed cabins and bathroom

food services:

Traditional "dakos" with cheese and vegetables, seafood pasta and coffee, tea, soft drinks and wine etc.

Proti island:

Proti, the northernmost island of ’’Oinouses’’, is a small uninhabited Ionian isle just a mile across from a fishing village of Marathopolis in the provice of Messinia in Peloponnese.

The name of this island comes from the sea god Proteus, son of Poseidon. It is a place of great archaeological significance as there are still the ruins of the Mycenaean citadel or pre-classical era with a wall and a circular tower.

On the island there is also an ancient temple of Artemis Efploias which has been incorporated into the construction of the church of Panagia.

In its heyday of piracy, Proti served as a hideout for pirates such as the infamous pirate Katoulias and it was a shelter for their treasures too! In fact there are about 30 inscriptions carved by sailors and pirates on the rocks facing the sea, dating from Roman and Byzantine era, expressing wishes for good journey (efploia) and for salvation from storms.

In 1899 the battleship "Spetses" anchored there to be saved from the storm that raged in the Ionian Sea.

Voidokilia beach:

Voidokilia is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world due to its spectacular setting: its perfectly round bay of thin white sand framing crystal-waters and the fairy-tale like backdrop with a castle and fascinating rock formations.

It is believed that the name of the beach comes from the word "voufras", which means "where the cattle live". Another theory about the name is that it is derived from the large curvature the bay forms and which is similar to a belly of an ox.

Voidokilia is located next to the Lagoon of Gialova and Navarino Bay, about 10 km away from the town of Pylos.

This natural bay is an area of a truly unique beauty: fine white dunes of sand stretch from edge to edge of the beach, the waters are calm and turquoise. Facing the sea, up on a hill you encounter the Old Castle of Navarone (or Paleokastro) and right underneth its fortifications the cave of king Nestor.

To your right, at the other end of Voidokilia on another hill, there is a vaulted tomb attributed (not yet confirmed) to Thrasymedes, the son of Nestor.

Being under protection of "Natura 2000" program and with no organized activity or construction permitted, Voidokilia has remained an unspoilt paradise.

  • One day cruise
  • Available daily June 01-September 30
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  • 80€/adult

    50€/children 6-12 yrs old

    Free/children 0-6yrs old

    Minimal participation required: 3

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