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Cruise to deserted Strophades islands and its arcane fortress
Sailing to a cinematic destination

Cruise to deserted Strophades islands and its arcane fortress

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A cruise with a fascinating destination little known even to the locals Strophades or Strafadia are two small deserted islands on the Ionian sea described by Virgil in Aeneid as a place inhabited by Harpies, female creatures with bird body and human face. In fact the islands are a nesting place for more than 1200 species of migratory birds that fly to Africa and then return here to rest. Apart from its rich wild flora of over 250 species of plants and flowers and pine trees which form a dense forest there are also orange, lemon and fig trees. Another astounding feature on this deserted place is a monumental monastic fortress built in in 1241 upon an order of the Byzantine princess Irene, daughter of Emperor Theodore. The castlelike structure is known as the Monastery of Panagia Pandohara in Stamfani and has been inhabited by a few monks until recently. You will spend time exploring the island, swimming and relaxing.

You will sail with 2 licensed and experienced skippers who will attend to you and provide you with information about the area.


1. Beneteau First 40.7

2. Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 40



food services:

Traditional "dakos" with cheese and vegetables, seafood pasta and coffee, tea, soft drinks and wine etc.

1st day

The journey begins at 9:00 am from one of the 2 harbors: Marathopolis (Marathos) or Pylos. It takes about 5 hours of sailing to reach Strophades. The lunch is served on the boat and upon the arrival to the island you are free to explore the fortress and the island, go fishing or enjoy diving in crystal clear waters. Dinner can be prepared on the boat, on the beach or by the fortress. You sleep on the boat.

2nd day

A day of leisure and "island life": swimming, diving, fishing, and if it isa lucky catch, eating the fresh fish. The return home starts in early afternoon... sometimes accompanied by dolphins and always accompanied by astounding sunset views. Dinner is served on the boat.

  • 2 day cruises available from June 01-September 15
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  • 100€/adult

    60€/children 6-12 yrs old

    Free/children 0-6yrs old

    Minimal participation required: 3

    Please refer to us for further information.