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Vacation for healthier, more knowlegable and fitter self
Vacation with wild plant nutrition

Vacation for healthier, more knowlegable and fitter self

cultivate your travel experience

This 7-day vacation proposal includes: everyday 2-hour hike in scenic places during which you will learn to recognize and harvest edible plants and flowers. After the hike you can take part in a cooking class during which you will learn traditional recipes using the wild plants before sitting down to enjoy a full dinner.

Many of the plants you will learn about such as dandelion, nettle, burdock, plantain, shepherd's purse, wild fennel etc. can be found literally everywhere in the world so when you are back home you will look at many common weeds with a different perspective. Other plants are limited to the Mediterranean region thus you will have an opportunity to try some really special treats.

During spring and early summer the rich soil of Messinia grows a large variety of wild edible plants. Some of these plants are a constant element of the Greek diet.

There are many spectacular, off the beaten track, places you will take you to on our quest to get to know Messinia, to interact with its lush nature, to have new palatal experiences and acquire a useful skill.

This program can be purchased with or without accommodations-please refer to booking information and prices on the right side of this page


The program is designed in such a way so you can get the best of everything! You will have plenty of time from morning till afternoon to explore Messinia on your own or get involved in other proposed activities, then, around 16:00-17:00 you will drive along with the rest of the group, each time to a different location and begin your tutoring and gathering the plants with sustainable harvesting techniques. We will enjoy watching the sunset and then we will return to the accommodations. There after some time of rest we will gather in a large traditional kitchen to learn new recipes and cook together the fresh plants and have them for dinner along with other traditional dishes.

more about wild edible plants:

Wild edible plants are raw super food! The reasons why so many people love wild edible plants are: they are nutritious, delicious and free.


Wild edible greens are leafy green plants that grow in wild unattended places all over the world. There are specific varieties that are edible to humans and can be picked for free in "nature’s garden."

Foraging for wild food is one of humankind’s most basic survival instincts that has long been forgotten since the invention of large scale agriculture. While cultivated foods have their place in modern day living, there is no comparison to the wild nutrition these edibles can provide. It is good to be familiar with about 10-20 wild green types, what they look like and where they thrive in your local region or traveled locations. Natural non-hybridized leafy greens can be a great wild superfood adjunct to a health promoting diet and lifestyle. These greens and herbs are often called "weeds" because they are tenacious, hardy and tend to propagate quite easily when given the slightest opportunity. This is not so with standard garden vegetables that cannot thrive in wild habitats.

It is extremely beneficial to eat foods that are innately strong and vigorous. These are signs of their potency as wild superfoods, containing super concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll that you simply can not get from spinach or butter lettuce.

Not that we don’t love kale, bok choy and collards, but there is a nutritional component that we have to give up for these larger sized leaves, sacrificing quality for quantity. Wild greens are the origins of all hybridized green leafy vegetables we know today. 

Fortunately, we can still consume our wild nutrients by gathering edible wild greens when we find them prolifically growing in uncultivated patches of earth. Because the leaves are so concentrated, you don't need to eat big bowls full like you would other traditional greens and lettuces.

taste and benefits: Depending on the plant, the tastes can often be more complex and more delicious. The qualities of wild edible plants also stimulate digestive juices that cause you to assimilate the food more easily.They have incredible energizing and healing powers. The taste of wild edible greens can take some getting used to if your palette is accustomed to cultivated variations. Most have strong "green" flavors and others can be quite bitter.

These are qualities that help to stimulate digestive juices and cause you to easily assimilate their nutrients.

Wild greens are a great medicinal food source for detoxing the tissues and clearing the lymph system. And, it just so happens that they tend to grow prolifically in the spring and fall, the perfect seasons for cleansing the body!

Beyond the tangible benefits, the experience of wild edibles connects you to nature in a very powerful way. It asks you to slow down from the rushed pace of the modern world and step into timelessness. Developing relationships with wild edible plants brings great meaning to life, and brings health to the body, mind, heart and spirit. This indescribable feeling of deep connection to nature is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

  • March-May
  • 7-days program (the duration and other program features can be customized upon your request)
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