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First-rate training sessions in an unforgettable fitness studio
Vacation workout with a postcard view

First-rate training sessions in an unforgettable fitness studio

cultivate your travel experience

If you want to experience training while looking at one of the most astounding views in Messinia..OR...If you are a type of person who even on holidays cannot live without a fitness routine ...OR... simply if you want to burn some extra calories so you can enjoy the local cuisine and delicacies without restrain and remorse you should enroll for this all through beneficial personal training workout package.

The package consists of seven 1-hour personal training sessions which take place in an unforgettable fitness studio which literally soars high above an olive tree valley and sea.

training methods:

The studio offers a variety of training methods, combined in various ways for boot-camp-style and ........sessions, such as: Pilates Reformer, functional training , suspension training TRX, Bosu, kettlebelts, medicine balls, foam rollers, gym-sticks, trampoline and Better Belly belts used during your warm-up.

personal trainers:

more about the location:

The "My fitness studio" is located in the periphery of Gargalianoi. A town called "the balcony of Messinia" due to its elevated hill top location which towers over boundless olive tree groves and the fishing village of Marathopolis and the island of Proti. It is a picturesque settlement with many turn of the 20th century neoclassical mansions and houses and a large and ceaselessly vibrant town square with many coffee shops, "mezes" places and restaurants...a great place to hang out after your workout! There are many charming accommodations in an approximate area of Gargalianoi and the fishing village of Marathopolis


After your reservation we will schedule your first session and an approximate time table. During your first workout we will be able to make your time table solid complying to your vacation schedule and to your physical needs. Once your workout schedule is fixed we will still have a certain degree of flexibility as far as the changes of the preplanned training program considering that you are on vacation.

The package of 7 sessions can be used during a period of 12 days counting from the first workout.

Each session is 1-hour long and you will work out alone or in a group of maximum 3 people receiving from your trainer one on one help with your body composition and correct form.

more about Pilates and Pilates Reformer:

One of the best things about the Pilates method is that it works so well for a wide range of people: athletes, golfers, soccer, rugby players and dancers love it, as do seniors, women rebounding from pregnancy and people who are at various stages of physical rehabilitation (especially for back rehabilitation).

Pilates also has brilliant results when combined with cross-training

To some, reformer equipment might resemble a torture apparatus, looking like a single bed frame but with a sliding carriage and adjustable springs to regulate tension and resistance. Cables, bars, straps and pulleys allow exercises to be done from a variety of positions, even standing.

The resistance created by the pulley and spring system can provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than mat classes. It may also produce visible results sooner — arm, leg and abdominal muscles can look more firm and defined within a dozen or so regular sessions.

The reformer’s many attachments increase the range of modifications that can be made to the exercises, and allow additional exercises beyond what can be done on a mat. This capability, combined with the support afforded by the resistance the machine provides, allows people with limited range of movement or injuries to safely do modified exercises.

more about TRX Suspension Trainer:

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises.

You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.Because the TRX Suspension Trainer requires you to engage your core with every exercise, you get a total-body workout every time you train.

  • On-going offer all year except August
  • Fitness studio is closed from 01 August till 31 August
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  • 50€/person

    80€/for couples (40€ each person)