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about messinia


Welcome to Messinia, a destination which surprsingly has been little known to contemparary travellers and yet it is one of the most mezmerising places on Earth.

The evergreen land of Messinia, abundant with wonders: seductive shores and beaches, mesmeric waterfalls, lush gorges, picturesque villages, stately castles and imposing ancient sites, was called by Euripides "kalikarpos" literary meaning "bearing good crop" because of its beauty, rich soil and mild climate.

The landscape is unspoiled and peaceful and it has not changed much throughout the ages remaining an agricultural area since the antiquity characterized with extensive olive tree plantations.The age-old olive groves have conquered the area and are only haltered where they encounter the sea and the mountain ranges only chalange them to go on in more arduous ways and here their beauty is multiplied by hundreds of thousands.

Messinia can offer the most fulfilling wonderlust experiences, evoking feelings similar to those of the 19th century travelers who embarked on a Grand Classical Tour visiting Greece ad Italy, who longed to come to a close contact with some of their own roots, those anchored in the ecoumenical heritage of Classical Greece and simultaneously discovered a countryside of sheer beauty and surprising contrasts brought upon by the compex legacy of the Greek history.


For those who have discovered this region, either through lecture or other peoples' testimony, this very enchanting land, the abundance of truly exceptional beaches as well as historical and archeological sites make Messinia a prime travel destination in the Mediterranean. Any type of tourism can be experienced here: mountain, coastal, conventional type of holidays or in specialized forms. As it is located on the mainland reaching Messinia is relatively easy. There is a new highway which connects Messinia with Athens and the region's capital Kalamata has an airport with many direct international flights. The accommodations available are mostly small size and stylish and so it is advisable to book your holidays ahead. The ever larger incoming tourism make the demand larger then the offer.


Messinia is located in mainland Greece, in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese region, in particular, on the westernmost leg of southern Peloponnese. The Ionian Sea lies to the west, and the Gulf of Messinia to the south. The most important mountain ranges are the Taygetus in the east, the Kyparissia mountains in the northwest and the Lykodimo in the southwest. Off the south coast of the southwesternmost point of Messinia lie the Oinousses islands. The largest of these are Sapientza, Schiza and Venetiko. The small island Sphacteria closes off the bay of Pylos and the Proti island faces the fishing town of Marathopolis. Although virtually uninhabited all these islands are great places to visit either for their natural beauty or the historical sites.


The climate in Messina is classified as warm and temperate, with balmy springs, very warm summers and mild sunny winters interrupted by sudden short lasting heavy rains. Pleasant temperatures (25°C/77°F on average) make this blissful region an ideal year-round destination.

Average temperatures: (Jan-Feb 9-19 C, March-Apr 12-20 C, May15-25 C, Jun-July-Aug-Sept 20-30 C, Oct 15-25 C, Nov-Dec 12-20 C)